First crowdinvesting platform with ROI

CrowdAboutNow is the world’s first crowdfunding platform for direct investments in start-up companies with a return on investment (ROI) for its investors.

Today, the first of the 10+ funded companies at CrowdAboutNow, will transfer its profit on investment to the 21 involved investors. The investors will make a 5% return in 6 months time.

This year, we have seen several ‘crowdinvesting’ platforms open their doors. Some of them already celebrated a few successfully funded companies. CrowdAboutNow is the first crowdinvesting platform to celebrate what might be considered the most important milestone: providing investors with a profitable return.

Established international crowdfunding platforms for microfinance like KIVA and MyC4 are already providing a ROI for years. CrowdAboutNow is the first crowdinvesting platform to join this list.

What does this milestone really mean? It might be the start of attracting a new type of investors who have been observing crowdinvesting with the strategy to wait and see what happens. Passing this milestone might be the first step in interesting them for making investments.

For CrowdAboutNow and other crowdinvesting platforms, it’s now time to show more success stories and increase the number of funded start-up companies to scale up and provide a solid average ROI.


About the Author

Gijsbert Koren is founder of Smarter money, co-author of the Dutch book Crowdfunding - Het Nieuwe Investeren, co-founder of Douw&Koren Crowdfunding Consultancy.